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Who are we?

We are promoting the idea of using small opera events to build a large (idea?) resource.

The Inspiration;

Freinds were sitting by the sea In Dubrovnik talking about opera. With such a beautiful setting and history opera seemed appropriate. But where and How. Andrew suggested starting with small venue with minimum disruption in any particular place. There are all sorts of potentially good venues, each with it's own character.

Opera is many things, music, architecture, drama, using music as a common language. Everyone understands music. It offers participation in a war torn area between different countries, cultures and languages working towards something constructive.

It can be for both classical and popular tastes.

The idea is simple. Develop a large resource using a collection of small events.

The Big Idea;

Why not have different operas in different locations?. They could be trucked or floated into position. They would be very lightweight with say metal frames that could sit in the shallow waters off the coast, float on barges, be suspended over water and so on.

There are very many possibilities. Floating operas could be "plugged" into the very many different islands in Croatia. Connected to hotels  for instance. There could be grand light shows seen from afar. Classical and rock opera for serious and popular appeal. It's about bringing people together.

This lightweight and changeable opera idea lends itself to experimentation and development using people locally and from afar. Bringing people together to reach a common goal.

It could promote tourism by having a very special event in a very special setting. It can be participatory, where children can learn many disciplines such as singing, acting, visual arts, and organising which give them the tools to both express themselves and work constructively with other people. It could be a dramatic world spectacle giving something to the local area. It could  export the events using  multimedia presentations through mobile phones and satellite communication.

Small is good;

The first opera is a starting point. It will be very simple say on Lokum island off of Dubrovnik old town. A good night out travelling the 20 minute boat ride to a magical location.......describe..

After this another venue say in Dubrovnik itself or on another island, or on the the low mountains by the sea.

The inheritance;

Each additional venue adds to the picture. Slowly or quickly developing a network of venues. Some small others larger. These venues develop a permanent infrastructure of people and materials. This resource in turn can organize bigger events which will help the economy, and use the very many talents in the region as well as bringing notable from afar to share their expertise.









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